Police Law Reports

Editor Jeremy Johnson (and a team from 5 Essex Court Chambers)
Coverage 2000 to present; 1999 and archive volume forthcoming

Police law is a complex area, comprising aspects of many different fields, from constitutional and public law, to tort and the criminal law. There are many relevant cases each year where points of law are argued in the High Court and above, but only a minority are reported.
Police Law Reports provides the solution by bringing all cases relating to police law together in one place, giving the practitioner quick and easy access to decisions in this disparate but specialised field.
Areas covered by the Reports include police powers, police civil actions, public law challenges to police decisions, police discipline and police pensions.
The reports include the full text of cases from the High Court, Court of Appeal and House of Lords relating to all aspects of police law, together with a comprehensive headnote. Cases from the European Court of Human Rights are also covered, many of which are unreported elsewhere.

ISSN ISSN 1750-1865