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Our aim is to make sure that there is comprehensive law reporting in various important but niche areas of law that affect many people but are not covered well in other law reports. Our story commenced with the realisation that these cases often involve actions against governmental agencies which have the resources to track precedents that are otherwise unreported: so we started to provide proper headnotes, prepared by experienced practitioners, first in mental health law, then in prison law, and then in other areas as well. The aim was to give everyone the same confidence that they could find the relevant judgments.

Now, with this new method of obtaining our reports on a case by case basis, as individual pdf downloads, we are continuing to support access to knowledge about these important areas of law. You can also obtain access to complete volumes or multiple volumes. Click here to go to the search and order pages. 

CASE STUDY: The UK Supreme Court considered a very important case involving the rights of people with severe learning difficulties in a judgment of 17 March 2014: P v Cheshire West and Chester Council. The Court relied heavily on a number of important recent cases from the European Court of Human Rights. The only place where all these cases had been reported was the Mental Health Law Reports.