V v UK; T v UK

Author / Contributor: Kris Gledhill
V v UK; T v UK
Issue: Whether the trials of children charged with murder breached Arts 3 and 6 of the Convention; whether the sentence of detention during Her Majesty’s Pleasure breached Arts 3, 5, and 6 of the Convention.
Court: ECHR
Reference:   Appns 24724 and 24888/94
Neutral Citation:  
Judge(s): L Wildhaber, (President), E Palm, C L Rozakis, A Pastor Ridruejo, G Ress, J Makarczyk, P Kuris, R Turmen, JP Costa, F Tulkens, C Birsan, P Lorensen, M Fischbach, V Butkevych, J Casadevall, A B Baka, Lord Reed (ad hoc judge),
Date: 16 December 1999