Mastromatteo v Italy

Author / Contributor: Kris Gledhill
Mastromatteo v Italy
Issue: Whether Art 2 was breached when a member of the public was killed by prisoners who had absconded from prison leave; whether the procedural requirements of Art 2 had been breached.
Court: ECtHR
Reference:   Appn 37703/97
Neutral Citation:  
Judge(s): L Wildhaber (President), CL Rozakis, JP Costa, G Ress, Sir N Bratza, B Conforti, Gaukur Jorundsson, G Bonello, V Straznicka, C Birsan, M Fischbach, V Butkevych, B Zupancic, M Pellonpaa, M Tsatsa-Niklovska, E Levits, S Pavlovschi.
Date: 24 October 2002