Ezeh and Connors v UK

Author / Contributor: Kris Gledhill
Ezeh and Connors v UK
Issue: Right to legal representation at disciplinary hearings at which additional days are awarded
Court: ECtHR
Reference:   Appns 39665/98 and 40086/98
Neutral Citation:  
Judge(s): L Wildhaber (President), C L Rozakis, J-P Costa, G Ress, Sir N Bratza, E Palm, L Caflisch, M Fischbach, J Casadevall, B Zupancic, J Hedigan, M Pellonpaa, M Tsatsa-Nikolovska, A B Baka, R Maruste, S Pavlovschi, L Garlicki.
Date: 9 October 2003