OG v Latvia

Author / Contributor: Kris Gledhill
OG v Latvia
Issue: Whether the inability of a detainee to appeal a detention order without acting through his representative breached Art 5(4) ECHR; when the time limit for an application to the ECtHR commences in relation to an order for detention that arguably breaches Art 5(1); whether an order for detention for non-compliance with a court order was lawful for the purposes of Art 5(1)(b) in light of the procedures followed; whether detention some time after the court order was made was lawful for the purposes of Art 5(1)(e).
Court: ECHR
Reference:   Appn 66095/09
Neutral Citation:  
Judge(s): G Nicolaou (President), I Ziemele, L Bianku, N Tsotsoria, Z Kalaydjieva, P Mahoney, K Wojtyczek
Date: 23 September 2014