Cases Reported

X and Y v Croatia 1
Issue: Whether proceedings to divest a person of capacity breached Art 6 ECHR; whether the institution of proceedings to divest another person of capacity breached Art 8
Stanev v Bulgaria 23
Issue: Whether a placement in a social care home arranged by a local authority guardian of a man declared to have impaired capacity was a deprivation of liberty for the purposes of Art 5 ECHR; whether the conditions of detention breached Arts 3 and/or 13; whether there was a breach of Art 6 in relation to proceedings to restore capacity; whether there was a breach of Art 8.
R v Stead 58
Issue: Whether a hospital and limitation direction should be added to a sentence of detention.
R v Raymond Chiles 60
Issue: Whether a restriction order was proper
Rabone and Rabone v Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust 66
Issue: Whether the state was under an operational obligation under Art 2 ECHR to voluntary patients who were at real and immediate risk of death; whether parents of the deceased were victims for the purposes of s7(7) Human Rights Act 1998
Attorney General’s Reference No 54 of 2011 87
Issue: Whether the imposition of a hospital order with a restriction order was an unduly lenient sentence.
R v Safdar Haider Shah 92
Issue: Whether a restriction order was proper.
R (Sawida Sessay) v South London & Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust, Commissioner of Police for the Metropolis 94
Issue: Whether a person could be removed from her home to a place of safety on the grounds of mental disorder other than under ss135 and 136 Mental Health Act 1983; whether there was a false imprisonment and/or a breach of Art 5 ECHR by confinement for 13 hours without those statutory powers being used; whether the common law defence of necessity applied in relation to detention on the grounds of mental disorder; the role of the Mental Capacity Act 2005.
R v Tania Louise Goucher 107
Issue: Whether a restriction order was required.
R v Clark 109
Issue: Whether a custodial sentence should be replaced by a community rehabilitation order with a mental health treatment requirement
Gorobet v Moldova 113
Issue: Whether Art 5 ECHR was breached by admission to hospital not in accordance with domestic law; whether treatment in hospital breached Art 3; whether a failure to commence criminal proceedings breached Art 6.
R (DM) v Doncaster MBC 120
Issue: Whether charges for accommodation for a person detained under DOLS were lawful; whether accommodation was provided under s21 National Assistance Act 1948; whether there should be a different conclusion in light of s3 Human Rights Act 1998 and Art 14 ECHR and Art 1 of Protocol 1.
Secretary of State for Justice v RB 131
Issue: Whether a conditional discharge under s73 Mental Health Act 1983 was unlawful if the conditions amounted to a deprivation of liberty for the purposes of Art 5 ECHR.
Coombs v Dorset NHS Primary Care Trust and Nottingham Healthcare NHS Trust 144
Issue: Whether a patient detained under the Mental Health Act 1983 could pay for treatment.
R v Stephen Andrew Dowds 153
Issue: Whether acute involuntary intoxication was a “recognised medical condition” capable of reducing murder to manslaughter on the basis of diminished responsibility.
R (W) v Dr Fintan Larkin and Secretary of State for Justice 161
Issue: Whether a recommendation that a transferred prisoner be returned to prison was lawful; whether a warrant of transfer was lawful.
Tomašić and Others v Croatia 167
Issue: Whether the authorities’ failure to protect lives from acts of a man with a personality disorder breached the substantive obligations under Art 2 ECHR; whether the procedural obligation under Art 2 was breached by the failure to conduct an effective investigation into state responsibility.
Bik v Russia 181
Issue: Whether there was a breach of Art 5(1) ECHR when domestic time limits for an order for detention were not met; the requirements as to time limits when liberty was in question.
Sabeva v Bulgaria 186
Issue: Whether the conditions of detention in a hospital breached Art 3 ECHR; whether the process of detention breached Art 5.
Witek v Poland 196
Issue: Whether there were breaches of Arts 5(1) and/or 5(4) ECHR in light of the lack of updated evidence as to a detainee’s condition and the delay in hearing an appeal.
C (by his litigation friend, the Official Solicitor) v Blackburn with Darwen BC, a Care Home and Blackburn with Darwen Teaching Care Trust 202
Issue: C (by his litigation friend, the Official Solicitor) v Blackburn with Darwen BC, a Care Home and Blackburn with Darwen Teaching Care Trust
DD v Lithuania 209
Issue: Whether there were breaches of Arts 5 and 6 ECHR in relation to guardianship proceedings and admission to hospital; whether forced treatment breached Art 3 ECHR
DC v Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust and the Secretary of State for Justice 238
Issue: Whether an adjournment rather than the granting of a deferred conditional discharge was proper; the relationship between the two powers.
DD v Durham County Council and Middlesbrough City Council 245
Issue: Whether leave to bring proceedings, in accordance with s139 Mental Health Act 1983, should be given; the role of an AMHP in deciding the hospital in which a patient should be detained; whether one local authority can be responsible for an AMHP employed by another authority.
R v John Robert Parkins 249
Issue: Whether a restriction order was proper
R (GP) v Derby City Council 252
Issue: Whether an AMHP had been plainly wrong to determine that consultation with a nearest relative would have involved unreasonable delay.
MS v UK 259
Issue: Whether there was a breach of Art 3 ECHR in delays in admitting a mentally unwell person to hospital and holding them in a police station; whether the failure to grant a remedy in domestic proceedings breached Art 13; remedy.
R v Alan Kenneth Levey 268
Issue: Whether the minimum term of a life sentence for murder was too high in light of, inter alia, the defendant’s personality disorder and the effect of the delay to a guilty plea whilst evidence was being sought as to a potential issue of diminished responsibility.
DL v A Local Authority and Others 271
Issue: Whether the inherent jurisdiction of the High Court in relation to vulnerable adult who had capacity survived the introduction of the Mental Capacity Act 2005
R (RW) v Secretary of State for Justice 288
Issue: Whether it was lawful to return a prisoner from hospital to prison 6 months after his detention in hospital had been upheld by a Tribunal and it was accepted that ongoing treatment could be given in hospital; whether Art 3 ECHR was breached.
EC v Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health NHS Trust 292
Issue: Whether it was possible to appeal the failure of a Tribunal not to make an extra-statutory recommendation as to transfer or leave in the case of a restricted patient or the failure to give reasons as to the absence of such a recommendation.
R v Shaun Edward Tudor 300
Issue: Whether a sentence of imprisonment for public protection was improper as a judge had declined to adjourn to allow a further medical report, the report available having concluded that the defendant had an untreatable mental disorder
CNWL NHS Foundation Trust v H-JH 305
Issue: Whether a decision to discharge a CTO order, and to defer that discharge, was lawful.
R v Jamie Petrolini 308
Issue: Whether a conviction for murder was unsafe in light of updated medical evidence
R v B 310
Issue: Whether an interview of a defendant found unfit to stand trial should have been excluded from the trial of the facts
R v Darren John Yates 313
Issue: Whether a sentence of imprisonment for public protection on a defendant with schizophrenia was proper; the appropriate minimum term.
X v Finland 318
Issue: Whether detention in a psychiatric hospital for the purpose of obtaining a medical report and for treatment breached Art 5 ECHR; whether action taken in criminal proceedings, including the appointment of a trustee, breached Art 6; whether forced medication breached Art 8.
R v Carlton Fitzwarren Channer 350
Issue: Whether fresh evidence as to diagnosis meant that it was proper to replace a sentence of imprisonment for public protection with hospital and restriction orders
Munjaz v UK 351
Issue: Whether there were breaches of Arts 3, 5, 8 and 14 ECHR arising from the use of seclusion in accordance with a hospital policy which was different from national guidance in the processes followed.
Claire Selwood v Durham County Council, Tees, Esk and Wear Valleys NHS Foundation Trust and Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust 373
Issue: Whether there was an arguable duty of care to a social worker employed by a local authority who was attacked by an informal patient allowed leave from hospital in light of joint working arrangements; whether there was an arguable claim under Art 2 ECHR.
SH v Cornwall Partnership NHS Trust 383
Issue: Whether a Tribunal considering an application to discharge a community treatment order had jurisdiction to consider whether treatment given without consent was appropriate and available
R v Paul Teasdale 387
Issue: Whether life sentences imposed in 1998 and 2000 should be replaced by hospital and restriction orders in light of fresh medical evidence.
R (NM) v Secretary of State for Justice 390
Issue: Whether an investigation into a sexual assault on a prisoner with learning difficulties was adequate.
AM v West London MH NHS Trust & Secretary of State for Justice 399
Issue: Whether a Tribunal had unlawfully failed to adjourn to seek more evidence about aftercare
R (Sunderland City Council) v South Tyneside Council 404
Issue: Whether and in what circumstances admission to hospital may alter a patient’s place of residence for the purposes of s117(3) Mental Health Act 1983, so as to change the local authority responsible for the provision of aftercare under that section.
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