Cases Reported

Tunç & Tunç v Turkey 1
Issue: Whether an investigation was sufficiently independent to satisfy the procedural obligations of Art 2 ECHR where the entities that played a role in investigating a death did not have full statutory independence.
Ewing v Crown Court sitting at Cardiff (DPP and J Kirk as Interested Parties) 32
Issue: Whether a judge may order that a member of the public may not make notes of a hearing being held in public.
R (Speck) v HM Coroner for York ((1) NHS England (2) MEDACS as Interested Parties) 38
Issue: Whether a coroner was obliged to exclude a matter from the scope of the inquest that could not even arguably be said to have contributed to the death.
Anstey v Mundle and another 47
Issue: Whether and how the inherent jurisdiction of the court should be exercised to decide who should be given the power and the duty to arrange for the disposal of a deceased’s body.
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