Osman v UK

Authors / Contributors: Bridget Dolan KC , Debra Powell KC
Osman v UK
Issue: Issue: Whether, where the police had not prevented a third party fatally attacking members of the applicants’ family, there had been breaches of Arts 2 and 8; whether there was a breach of Art 6 where the police were given a blanket immunity from negligence actions in respect of the investigation and suppression of crime.
Court: ECtHR
Reference:   Appn 87/1997
Judge(s): R Bernhardt (President), T Vilhjálmsson, J De Meyer, I Foighel, R Pekkanen, JM Morenilla, Sir J Freeland, AB Baka, MA Lopes Rocha, L Wildhaber, G Mifsud Bonnici, J Makarczyk, D Gotchev, P Jambrek, K Jungwiert, P Kuris, U Lohmus, J Casadevall, T Pantiru, V Toumanov.
Date: 28 October 1998