Vo v France

Authors / Contributors: Bridget Dolan KC , Debra Powell KC
Vo v France
Issue: Whether the absence of a criminal remedy to punish the unintentional destruction of a foetus constituted a failure on the part of the state to protect by law the right to life within the meaning of Art 2 ECHR.
Court: ECtHR Grand Chamber
Reference:   Appn 53924/00
Neutral Citation:  
Judge(s): L Wildhaber (President), C Rozakis, J-P Costa, G Ress, N Bratza, L Caflisch, V Strážnická, P Lorenzen, K Jungwiert, M Fischbach, J Hedigan, W Thomassen, A Baka, K Traja, M Ugrekhelidze, A Mularoni, K Hajiyev.
Date: 8 July 2004