Ramsahai and Others v Netherlands

Authors / Contributors: Bridget Dolan KC , Debra Powell KC
Ramsahai and Others v Netherlands
Issue: Whether the circumstances of a fatal shooting by police amounted to a violation of Art 2; whether the words “absolutely necessary” in Art 2(2) indicated a stricter test of necessity than the words “necessary in a democratic society” in Arts 8(2) and 11(2); whether the investigation into the shooting was sufficiently effective and independent.
Court: ECtHR, Grand Chamber
Reference:   Appn 52391/99
Neutral Citation:  
Judge(s): J-P Costa (President), L Wildhaber, CL Rozakis, Sir N Bratza, P Lorenzen, L Loucaides, I Cabral Barreto, N Vajic, S Botoucharova, A Mularoni, S Pavlovschi, E Fura-Sandström, K Hajiyev, D Spielmann, D Jociene, D Popovic, W Thomassen.
Date: 15 May 2007