R v Bakish Alla Khan and others

Authors / Contributors: Bridget Dolan KC , Debra Powell KC
R v Bakish Alla Khan and others
Issue: Whether members of juries in criminal cases had, by reason of their occupations, an appearance of bias.
Court: Court of Appeal, Criminal Division
Reference:   2007/2727/C2; 2007/2810/C2; 2007/811/C2; 2007/655/C2; 2007/6245/B3; 2007/5902/B4; 2007/4358/D2; 2007/2269/B3
Neutral Citation:   [2008] EWCA Crim 531
Judge(s): Lord Phillips CJ, Sir Igor Judge P and Silber J
Date: 14 March 2008