Al-Skeini and others v UK

Authors / Contributors: Debra Powell KC , Bridget Dolan KC
Al-Skeini and others v UK
Issue: Whether the deaths of six Iraqi citizens in Iraq occurred within the jurisdiction of the UK so as to fall within the scope of the ECHR; if so, whether there had been an adequate inquiry into those deaths for the purposes of Art 2.
Court: ECHR
Neutral Citation:  
Judge(s): J-P Costa (President), C Rozakis, N Bratza, F Tulkens, J Casadevall, D Spielmann, G Bonello, E Steiner, L Garlicki, L Mijovic, D Björgvinsson, I Berro-Lefèvre, G Nicolaou, L López Guerra, L Bianku, A Power, M Poalelungi
Date: 7 July 2011