Armani Da Silva v UK

Armani Da Silva v UK
Issue: Whether, for the purposes of Art 2, the UK criminal law of self-defence was sufficient justification for killing when the belief of an imminent threat was both mistaken and not objectively reasonable; Whether, following a police shooting, the decision not to prosecute individual officers could constitute a procedural breach of Art 2.
Court: ECtHR (GC);
Reference:   Appn 5878/08
Neutral Citation:  
Judge(s): G Raimondi (President), D Spielmann, I Karakas, J Casadevall, L López Guerra, M Villiger, P Hirvelä, G Nicolaou, L Bianku, N Vucinic, V A De Gaetano, L Sicilianos, P Mahoney, K Wojtyczek, D Dedov, B Lubarda, Y Grozev
Date: 30 March 2016