Kurt v Austria

Kurt v Austria
Issue: Whether the authorities had conducted an inadequate risk assessment, including a failure to take into account the special circumstances of risk in the context of domestic violence, and so failed to meet a positive obligation under Art 2 ECHR to protect the applicant’s children from violence by their father, Whether there was a real and immediate risk to life giving rise to an obligation under Art 2 ECHR to take preventive operational measures to protect the deceased child.
Court: European Court of Human Rights (Grand Chamber)
Reference:   Appn 62903/15
Neutral Citation:  
Judge(s): R Spano (President), JF Kjølbro, K Turkovic, P Lemmens, B Lubarda, A Harutyunyan, G Ravarani, G Kucsko-Stadlmayer, A Polácková, P Koskelo, J Ilievski, M Elósegui, G Felici, D Pavli, E Wennerström, R Sabato, S Yüksel
Date: 15 June 2021